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Hanrun Paper DTF PRO A600 (4 printheads)

Hanrun paper® PRO-A600 is a DTF printer specially developed for those customers who pursue high quality and mass production. The Pro series is a high-end flagship series developed by Hanrun Paper, compared with the EVO series, the pro series has higher continuous printing stability, more software compatibility, better printing fineness and it also has a half year longer warranty.

The DTF printer has a lot of advantages compared to other machines (including Toner Transfer, or even high-end DTG). The print size for HANRUN PAPER DTF PRO-A600 printer is 60cm, or 24 inches. However it works on both white and dark textiles and works with a variety of fabric styles (cotton, poly, blends, high-temperature resistanced leathers, denim, and more).


  • The most high-end flagship DTF printer
  • Higher continuous printing stability and fineness
  • Larger width, 30%-50% better productivity than EVO series
  • Better software compatibility
  • Longer warranty time and more gift accessories


  • Canvas bag/shoes
  • Cap
  • Pillows
  • T-shirt
  • Hoodie
  • Pants
  Model DTF PRO-A600 printer (4 heads)
  Printhead EPSON i3200
  Print Resolution/Speed 4pass(360*2400dpi):24㎡/h
  Ink DTF pigment ink (CMYK+W)
  Method of ink supply Continuous supply+ white-ink circulation system
  Print wide 600mm
  Print media DTF film
  Media transfer Automatic receiving and discharging film system
  Heating device Heat in the front, middle and rear sections
  Transfer interface Ethernet
  Consumption Dual-head i3200 Machine Print 4pass 14 m2/h, a pack of 20kg powder, CMYK 1L*4+W*4L, can print 4-5 rolls of size 0.6m*100m.
  Voltage AC110V/220V (±10%) 50HZ/60HZ
  Working environment Temperature 20-30°C Humidity 40-70 %RH
  Power 350W
  Printer size L1820mm*W820mm*H1620mm
  Printer net weight 152kg

CE marking and 3 China national intellectual property patents

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Hanrun Paper DTF PRO A600 (4 printheads)

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