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Hanrun Paper PRO A-1200 DTF Printer (48″ 4 Heads 9 Color Gradient color)

Hanrun paper PRO A-1200 DTF large format DTF printer has upgraded a new color scheme: CMYK+W+LC/LM/LK/LLK 9-color scheme, a new color management system, which solves the problem of noise in printing light-colored patterns in the past. And the gradient area has better performance than before; the nozzle protection device can effectively protect the nozzle during the printing process and reduce the probability of physical damage.

The width has also been upgraded, it’s a machine which can print with the width of 1200mm/48 inches. At the same time, the new tension system can automatically roll the film to ensure the smoothness and stability of the film, and also reduce the probability of damage to the nozzle.

Nozzle EPSON I3200 4PCS
Print Width <1200mm/48″ (inches)
Application Media DTF Film
RIP Software Maintop/PP
Temperature/Humidity 20-30°C   45~70%
Small coil core diameter / thickness Inner diameter is 76mm and thickness is 8mm
Power 400W
Printing Speed 4 Pass 30m2/h
6 Pass 25m2/h
Machine Size 2390x820x1620mm
Machine Weight 192kg
Packing Size 2630x840x750mm
Packing Weight 250kg

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Hanrun Paper PRO A-1200 DTF Printer (48″ 4 Heads 9 Color Gradient color)

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