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Hanrun Paper Smoke purifier P001 For DTF Printer

Hanrun paper P001 smoke purifier is designed for DTF printers that need smoke discharge, like Hanrun Paper DTF PRO series. The appearance is elegant and straightforward, and the fuselage has an integrated design, which is durable and durable. And the product is small in size, has no need to install, and is easy to move. High air volume, uniform and stable wind speed, enormous suction power, excellent filtering effect, can be replaced separately for trapping particles above 0.3μm, and the filter element has a longer service life.



  • The integrated design of the fuselage adopts a metal frame structure and high-quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spraying technology, which is durable.
  • Small size, and is easy to move.
  • The vortex wind wheel is made of alloy material, with high suction power, faster filtration rate and corrosion resistance.
  • High-efficiency filter with aluminum frame and paper partition has excellent filtering effect and longer service life of the filter element. *It is recommended to replace the filter element after three months of continuous operation to prevent the suction power from weakening and damage to the equipment.


P001 Smoke purifier
  Air inlet diameter ø50mm
  Input voltage AC220v 60/50HZ
  Output Power 300w
  Air volume 1200g/h
  Filter effect 0.3um 99%
  Noise volume 50-60db

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Hanrun Paper Smoke purifier P001 For DTF Printer

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