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Hanrun Paper EVO A-600 DTF Printer

In recent years, we pay more and more attention to innovation in the research and development of DTF machines. This new EVO 600 DTF Printer has ultra-high automation and intelligent functions, which can realize innovative functions such as automatic heating, automatic cleaning, automatic monitoring, automatic moisturizing, multi-printer management control, etc. It is very suitable for long time stable printing and mass production.

  Model EVO-A600
  Printhead 2 EPSON i3200
  Print Resolution/Speed 4pass(360*2400dpi): 12m2/h
6pass(360*3600dpi): 9m2/h
8pass(720*2400dpi): 6m2/h
  Ink DTF pigment ink (CMYK+W)
  Three heating sections Pre-heater; Printing bed heater; Rear heater
  Printing media width DTF film 600mm
  RIP software Photoprint/Maintop 6.1
  Language English/Chinese
  Working environment Temperature: 20-30℃, Humidity:45%-70%
  Power 450W
  Printer size 1700(L)*750(W)*1200(H)mm 137kg
  Packing size 1820(L)*960(W)*1200(H)mm  186kg
  Functional item  Shake powder control/Powder  amount control/Temperature control
  Voltage AC110V / 220V  50HZ/60HZ
  • Ultra-high automation and intelligent functions
  • Nozzle compensation ensures perfect work
  • Centralized joint control of multiple printers
  • Convenient built-in air purification unit
  • Stable and continuous mass production

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Hanrun Paper EVO A-600 DTF Printer

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