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Hanrun Paper B301 DTF Powder Shaker

Hanrun paper developed B301 DTF powder shaker for 300 wide format DTF printers. B301 DTF Powder Shaking machine has a Flat stainless steel non-suction platform, but the tunnel drying ability is great. The top can manually adjust the powder feeding direction, and the powder feeding amount can be automatically controlled to reduce the difficulty of operation. High-speed drying can also meet the high-speed printing requirements of the PRO DTF printer series.


B301 DTF Powder Shaker
  Model B301
  Power 3KW
  Power shaker Dimensions L850*W650*H600mm
  Net weight 40kg
  Match model A 2-head DTF printer 300mm
  Temperature control scope 0-170°C
  Speed regulation range Speed adaptive adjustment
  Maximum heating pipe power 2.4Kw
  Medium width 0-300mm
  Method of transmission Conductor traction
  Automatic volume collection
  Powder loading system Top manual powder direction and powder amount automatically control
  Powder recycling system Bottom powder box, need manual powder return
  Air suction device X
  Front preheating plate X
  Consumption Energy consumption 1-2.3KW
  Work environment 15-30°C 45-65%RH

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Hanrun Paper B301 DTF Powder Shaker

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