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Hanrun Paper PRO A-602 DTF Fluorescent Printer

DTF printing is a new technology to replace the printing on fabric that uses laser printers and DTG (direct to fabric printing) to heat transfer T-shirt paper. DTF printing technique has several advantages, including lower investment, no pretreatment, and easier to use; and a broader range of applications, including a variety of dark and light-colored fabrics.

DTF PRO A602 is a new printer designed by Hanrun paper with 3 print heads and 9 ink cartridges. It can not only realize CMYK+W five-color printing, but also can easily realize 9 multi-color fluorescent printing, which greatly broadens your color scheme. When using the DTF fluorescent printer, we highly recommend you to use Hanrun paper’s unique fluorescent color scheme and DTF PRO fluorescent ink, which can improve the printing effect and make the gradient of fluorescent color and CMYK color more natural.


DTF PRO-A602 Fluorescent Printer
  Print head 3 EPSON I3200
  Print resolution/speed 4pass(360*2400dpi):14㎡/h
  Ink DTF water-based ink(CMYK+W+FM/FY/FR/FG)
  Ink supply method Continuous ink supply + white ink circulation system
  Print width 600mm
  Print media DTF film
  Transmission medium Automatic film collecting and discharging system
  Heating equipment Front, middle and rear three-stage heating
  Transmission interface Ethernet
  Voltage AC110V/220V(±10%) 50HZ/60HZ
  Working environment Temperature 20-30℃ Humidity 45-65%RH
  Power 350W
  Software compatibility MainTop/PhotoPrint19
  Printer size L1800mm*W760mm*H1420mm
  Printer net weight 115kg

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Hanrun Paper PRO A-602 DTF Fluorescent Printer

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