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Hanrun Paper UV DTF PRO Ink

Hanrun Paper UV DTF PRO professional grade UV curable ink is designed for UV DTF printing. The colors are vibrant and bright with good fluency and stability and have good anti-sun and anti-humidity abilities to be durable and intense in color output, making it the best choice for UV DTF substrate printing. It’s eco-friendly and harmless, without volatile solvents.

  Product UV Curable Ink
  Applicable Printhead i1600, I3200, DX5, XP600, TX800
  Color CMYKW+Gloss Ink+Cleaning Solution
  Working Temperature 30-45°C
  Sun Protection Level(International) K: LV7; M: LV 6~7; C: LV6~7; Y: LV 6~7
  Outdoor Sun Fastness Time 2 years or more
  lnk Curing Method Dual UV LED Lights
  Wet Friction 5
  Acapable Printer Flatbed/Roll to roll UV DTF Printer
  • Vibrant and bright colors
  • Good fluency and stability
  • Strong sun resistance, good moisture resistance and strong adhesion
  • Ink with high purity and the color is not easy to yellow discolouration
  • Eco-friendly and harmless, without volatile solvents

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Hanrun Paper UV DTF PRO Ink

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