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A part of Storm Textil

Storm Textil was founded by Niels Storm in 1991. We started as a printing company but quickly we expanded.

We started producing t-shirts and additional products were added to the assortment over the years. In 2005 we started selling machines to other printing productions. We have helped a lot of companies, all over the world, with guidance in machinery and what would be suitable for their production. We are also providing technical support and installation of the machines. We have a big assortment of machinery that is suitable for printing productions.

For example, transfer press, screen printing, packing, tunnel dryer, pre-treater, vinyl cutter, accessories and spare parts suitable for the different machines. Most of the machines, accessories and spare parts are in stock. The big machines as screen printing and tunnel dryers are delivered by order. Delivery times depends on the individual machine. You see a big selection of our assortment in this catalog.

If you have a special request do not hesitate to ask. We can almost certainly help you. You are in safe hands when purchasing machines at Storm Textil. You will get personal advice, guidance, and support by competent staff all the way through the process. After receiving the machines, we are still available for help and guidance. We have many years of experience and many of the machines for sale are used in our own production. Therefore, we have great knowledge and experience in usage of the machines. We can easily instruct you on how to make the machinery most profitable.


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