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Transmatic TS 5 PA

Transmatic TS 5 PA Pneumatic heat press, with double heatig plates and moveable heating plate. Automatic version of the plates by footpedal, equipped with hand security. Electronic and digital touch screen with visual control of temperature, pressure and time with advice of eventual errors. Exchangeable under plates.


  • Electronic and digital instruments with touch screen
  • Setting and storage of 4 presets
  • Automatic visualization of eventual errors
  • Daily and historical piece counter
  • Needs at least a 24 liter compressor. On the line it needs 6 bars
  • Nomex-cover


Dimensions of the plate 50×40 cm
Current 230 V single phase
Power consumption KW 2,2
Power consumption/h KW/h 1,0
Temperature 50-255° C
Time adjustable 0-999,9 sec.
Pressure 0-600 gr/cm2
Net weight 116 Kg

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Transmatic TS 5 PA

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