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ROQ Impress 6-pallets

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The ROQ Impress has a maximum index speed of up to 500 pieces per hour saving time and making the Transfers and DTF application process streamlined.

DTF has been a method of printing on garments for many years and has become more popular in recent times with customizations, more elaborate prints, and prints on types of fabric that are difficult to print on screen or digitally. With ROQ IMPRESS we have been able to automate the process of applying transfers using a heat press applied to the substrate, activating the glue, thus achieving a production rate of up to 500 pieces per hour, optimizing time and speeding up the application process. Using the structure of a circular machine, IMPRESS has pallets with rubberized tops to dissipate the heat from the 2 or 3 heat presses. This machine is ideal for not only fashion garments but also sportswear.

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ROQ Impress 6-pallets

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