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[Refurbished] Schulze PretreatMaker IV

The PRETREATmaker IV is an automatic high-end pretreatment system for professional users and a consistent further development of the globally successful PRETREATmaker III. As a novelty, the PRETREATmaker IV has a modern stepper motor. The device has a total of 4 nozzles that can be individually turned on or off. The maximum area to be sprayed is 40 cm in width and 60 cm in length. The width can be regulated by switching the 4 nozzles on and off. This enables a minimum width of 12 cm, ideal for chest logos. The length can be adjusted in 2 cm intervals. The spraying will be possible uni- / bidirectional in order to enable the best setting for all users.

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[Refurbished] Schulze PretreatMaker IV

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