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Drucktech SP-45 NA

Auto-release manual flat heat-press with membrane plate. A manual heat-press with a 40×50 cm membrane plate. Due to the new structure, T-shirts can be pulled on the workplate easily and thicker material also fit. The membrane plate of the heat-press can be rotated and replaced by smaller ones. The self-adjusting heated plate is connected with a plug and can be rotated 90°.

The heat-press can be used with membrane plates and traditional plates, or even without compressed air (in this case the membrane plate works as a traditional plate). The heat-press is available with heated workplates as well. The heated-plate opens automatically when the pre-set time is over.

Plate, heated plate 50×40 cm
Membrane plate
Changeable plate
Traditional plate
Heated plate can be rotated
Power 230 V / 2.100 W
Compressed air consumption 15
Max. pressing power 0.7
Max. material thickness 2 cm
Size 45x65x50 cm
Weight 60 kg


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Drucktech SP-45 NA

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